Visit Us for Emergency Dental Problems

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Dental

When you have a dental emergency, the dentists in Lincoln Park, Ill., are available to help you immediately. There are several types of dental problems that require immediate treatment, including damaging or dislodging a tooth. With fast treatment, you can avoid having additional problems in your teeth from nerve damage or infection. Call your dentist right away to alert the dental health team that you need fast treatment. Bring along the dislocated tooth or its chip in a small cup of lukewarm water. A dentist will examine your mouth’s soft oral tissues and teeth to begin the reattachment process.

Have Your Teeth Whitened Professionally

Dentists in Lincoln Park can also whiten your teeth when your dental enamel is discolored. In only an hour, you can have whiter teeth from a painless process. Our dentist can apply a strong hydrogen peroxide solution on each surface of a tooth before adding water to your mouth. This creates a bubbling chemical reaction, and also, our dentist can speed up the process by using a cool laser light on your teeth. The bubbling reaction lifts the stains from your teeth, giving you a more attractive smile.

Call Our Dentist to Schedule an Appointment

With a visit to our dentists in Lincoln Park at least twice a year for an examination, we can find tiny cavities or minor gingivitis. A dentist will examine your teeth or gums after collecting medical images, and he can see any problems that are located below the gums. By having your teeth cleaned professionally and filling small cavities, you can avoid additional problems from extensive decay or periodontal disease. This can prevent the loss of teeth from decay or gum disease. To learn more about Chicago Smile Design, visit our website located at httpss://