What To Expect During Your Kid’s Teeth Cleaning

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Dental Care

It is normal for a pediatric dentist to clean your child’s teeth during their routine checkup. If this is your child’s first time having their teeth cleaned, you may be wondering what to expect during this procedure and if it is the same as an adult’s teeth cleaning. Here is an idea of what to expect during your kid’s teeth cleaning near Yorba Linda.


The procedure starts with a dentist reviewing your child’s dental health history to see if there are any ongoing issues. Then, they take an x-ray of your child’s mouth to review later. The dentist may also talk to you and your child about the procedure, which is a good time to ask questions or address any concerns.

Teeth Cleaning

Now, it is time for the actual teeth cleaning. This is a painless procedure. The dentist starts by gently scraping built-up plaque and tartar off your child’s teeth with a special tool. Next, they use an ultrasonic dental tool to clean all sides of each tooth. Finally, every tooth is carefully flossed and polished.


After the cleaning, the dentist reviews the x-rays to check for issues such as cavities and impacted teeth. They also do an examination of your child’s teeth and gums to ensure the x-ray did not miss any issues. If there is an issue, you may be instructed to schedule an additional appointment to take care of it before it becomes worse.

When you are ready to schedule your kid’s teeth cleaning near Yorba Linda, consider Kids Dental Specialists. You can find information on this dental practice and schedule your child’s appointment at KidsDentalSpecialists.com.