Your Complete Patient Guide to Getting a Root Canal Procedure

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If you need a root canal in Northridge, you may be left wondering how you get here. People typically need a root canal when dental pulp is injured, damaged, or infected. When people usually hear the term “root canal,” they tend to cringe a bit because of things that they have heard about the procedure. Any temporary discomfort that you are feeling after a root canal is much less than you would have felt if it had gone untreated.

Why a Root Canal?

You may need to undergo a root canal procedure for a number of reasons. Some patients require a basic root canal due to a simple tooth infection that results in pain or discomfort. Others may have already had a root canal and require follow-up work. You may have also lost a large filling or cracked a tooth.

We normally recommend root canal treatment to preserve the structure of the tooth, make it stronger, and extend its life. Root canal procedures have evolved in recent years. They are now performed microscopically using rotary files that involve the removal of less tooth dentin. This is good because it means that more tooth structure is left for us to restore.

What To Expect

Most patients only need one office visit when they need a root canal procedure. After we completely evaluate you, we will numb the area to be treated. Once we have removed bacteria and debris from the area, we will seal the tooth, which helps to prevent more damage or decay. We will also seal the inside of your tooth to protect it.

If you suspect that you may need a root canal in Northridge, please contact Northridge Dentalworks right away so that we can begin the process of protecting you from any further damage.