Crowns as Part of Cosmetic Dentistry Charlotte

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Cosmetic Dental Care

A dentist who provides cosmetic dentistry Charlotte provides dental services like bonding, bridges, Crowns, dentures, extractions, hygiene, inlays, on-lays, partials, periodontal procedures, root canals, teeth whitening, veneers, and white fillings. All of these procedures may be a part of cosmetic dentistry Charlotte, but they aren’t necessary purely for cosmetic reasons, although that alone is a very important reason, as it affects a person’s self image and their self esteem.

These procedures can be essential so that a person can chew food and so they aren’t severely limited in the kinds of foods that they can eat. They are also necessary for our overall health. A root canal can eliminate or prevent a severe infection that can be transmitted throughout the body through the bloodstream.

Patients might end up needing Crowns Charlotte NC for several reasons. They may crack or break a tooth. They may have a root canal done. They might need to have a tooth really ground down to get rid of a cavity, past the point that a filling would be able to suffice. Some patients grind their own teeth when they sleep, and over time, they can really wear down the surface of their teeth, enough that they might need crowns. At that point, the dentist may recommend a crown to cap the tooth, both to improve appearance and to improve function.

Patients may be fitted for one of several types of Crowns Charlotte NC. Crowns may be constructed of pure porcelain, of pure gold, or of a combination of porcelain fused with either gold or another metal. During the procedure for a crown, the dentist will first remove all of the decayed tooth material and then take an impression of the tooth so the lab can create the new crown. The patient will need to come back for another visit to have the permanent crown applied. In the meantime, the patient may be given a temporary tooth restoration. On the next visit, the new crown is fitted and permanently cemented to the base of the tooth. Most crowns can be done in two visits, but some patients may have to come back for a third visit.

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