How to Maintain a Sparkling Smile After Teeth Whitening in Hattiesburg, MS

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Dental Care

Nothing makes a person feel more confident than a beautiful smile. That’s one reason Teeth Whitening in Hattiesburg MS has become the go-to cosmetic procedure for so many dental patients. However, the results will fade over time. Here are some ways to protect a sparkling smile from stains and discoloration.

Brush with Whitening Toothpaste

While over-the-counter products are not as effective at removing stains as an in-clinic treatment, they can help maintain a freshly whitened smile. Brushing with whitening toothpaste is a great way to prolong the results of professional Teeth Whitening in Hattiesburg MS.

Whitening toothpaste contains additional ingredients, such as baking soda and peroxide, to help remove surface stains. Nearly all major oral hygiene brands offer whitening toothpaste. Those with sensitive teeth should look for a gentle version that won’t irritate their teeth.

Drink Through a Straw

Dark beverages are notorious for staining teeth. Many people enjoy tea or coffee regularly. However, those who want to prolong the results of their whitening procedure should consider drinking these beverages through a straw.

Straws limit how much of the dark beverage comes in contact with a person’s teeth. This helps prevent tooth staining. If a straw isn’t readily available, try to brush after drinking. At the very least, rinse with a glass of fresh water.

Stick with a Regular Hygiene Regimen

Sticky plaque transforms into hard, yellow tartar after about 24-48 hours. To avoid this, remember to brush at least twice a day. Flossing will also prevent yellowing around the gum line. Skipping an oral hygiene regimen for even one day may lead to unwanted discoloration.

Schedule a Follow-up Treatment

No matter how careful a person is to keep their teeth clean, it’s inevitable that some staining will return. Many dentists recommend scheduling a follow-up treatment every one to two years. This is the most effective way to keep teeth blindingly white for the long haul.

Professional whitening can remove years of staining in a single treatment. Book an appointment with a local dentist if you’re ready to brighten your smile. In about an hour, you’ll leave the clinic with a smile that’s up to 10 shades whiter.