Practitioners of General Dentistry in Claremont CA Provide Advice to Patients With Wrist and Hand Disabilities

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Dental Care

A combination of strategies can help people with disabilities in the hands and arms continue to have excellent oral hygiene and health. These men and women can have trouble keeping their teeth clean, but they benefit from owning the right tools. They also gain a substantial advantage by seeing a practitioner of General Dentistry in Claremont CA twice each year for professional teeth cleaning and checkup.

Oral and Systemic Health

Good oral health is crucial for a number of reasons, including that it is connected with systemic health, or whole-body health. Chronic inflammation in the mouth has been connected with cardiovascular disorders, for example. Keeping the teeth and gums healthy and strong allows people to chew normally and to avoid having mouth pain. Regular appointments with a practitioner such as Albert G Leung DDS Inc are advisable.

Devices for People With Wrist and Hand Disabilities

Many men and women deal with weakness or serious pain in their wrists and hands. These individuals may have arthritis, multiple sclerosis or another condition that makes it difficult for them to grip and move their hands and fingers. One extremely helpful tool is an electric toothbrush with a large handle. This doesn’t require a narrow grip and it effectively does the task of brushing.

Another device holds dental floss so the person doesn’t have to grip this thin strip of thread while maneuvering it between teeth. Floss picks also are useful, although they are small enough that some people will have trouble holding them tightly enough. They also require disposing of the plastic device as well as the floss, since they are intended for one-time use.

Flossing every day is important to remove food particles that get stuck between teeth. Usually people don’t even know those particles are there because the substances are so tiny.

Teeth Cleaning and Checkups

At a practice for General Dentistry in Claremont CA, dental hygienists commonly perform the teeth cleaning and polishing service. Dentists check the teeth, gums and the rest of the mouth to make sure the patient continues to have excellent oral health and to detect any problems that may be developing. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.